V3.1.12 and preparing V3.2!

Hey there, we just pushed the V3.1.12!

Oh and did you see the old in the url? This new version is mostly an update with latest Starling 1.8 et Feathers 2.3.

Starling 2 is now available in beta (an so Feathers 3) and we think it’s about time to make some changes to the Citrus Engine!
We were a bit stuck in our experiments lately, because we know you guys enjoy stability etc. Since Starling 2 breaks some part, it’s finally time to do so with the Citrus Engine. So we reset the repository.

We left you this summer with a work in progress on a Citrus Engine for WebGL & Pixi.js. Unfortunately, the games planned didn’t come (instead of we made some VR with Unity etc.). But we’d played with the architecture that we will transfer to the V3.2.

On an other note, this V3.2 will remove some stuff:
– no more 3D, no more Away3D & AwayPhysics. We’re confident if you’re making a game with 3D, you should use Unity.
– no more Blitting. Who need it anymore since we’ve Starling?
– no more Display List.

And for the experimenting part:
– running physics inside a Worker.
– Frame Rate Independant Motion for physics (yeah, that’s something on my todo list since a while).
– new entity/component system for no physics game.
– State Manager for several State at the same time, each one pauseable independently (pause overlay menus?) and for better state transitioning

So keep it up and be sure to check the commits coming on the Citrus Engine!

V3.1.11 libraries update and future!

Wow long time since the previous update guys, right? Probably too long… Anyway here is a new one with mostly libraries update and small bug fixes. We also changed our way to make the SWCs (ie: removing dependencies for the build process) so it will be easier for us to provide you with the latest engine updates in the future, and you can also use the ant-task to make your own custom build!

I think it’s time to make a statement for the Citrus Engine V3:
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V3.1.10 engine fixes and libraries update

Hey folks!

We’re glad to introduce today a new version with mostly fixes (on Camera, multi-resolution system, and sound manager) and libraries update (Starling, Feathers, Nape & DragonBones)!

Also we migrate the repository to Da Viking Code‘s Github (of course you will find interestings stuff in some repositories there [ANEs]!). What is Da Viking Code? That’s my company and in fact we’re two since Thomas (aka Gsynuh) works with me.

No worries about the links to the old repository, they are automatically transferred to the new one! You just have to update your remote if you’re using git.

I still have to update Da Viking Code’s website, but that’s another story…

Keep coding,

V3.1.8-introducing the multi-resolution solution, gamepads, sound manager improved

Hey there,

It was about time to provide a new build, isn’t it? We’re proud to share this one with you. It introduces a top gun feature: a solution to manage multi-resolution game on every screen! We’ve also worked on gamepads support, improved the sound manager and many other improvements.

On 11th October, we participated to the Flash Online Conference #6, it introduces the Citrus Engine and present RaveAI 2D which will be added into CE V3.2. The record is here.

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V3.1.5 performances, comments, EazeTween

It was about time to have a new update, right?

We hope there wasn’t this 3.1.5 but directly a 3.2 with all the features, but the time is going very fast this last weeks. So we decided to publish this udpate right now. Maybe it is better, people will have time to check the changelog and update their game accordingly.

In brief we have added comments in the SWC, added EazeTween as the default tweening engine, updated on DragonBones V2.0 and added lots of flags (boolean) to improve performances! Continue reading

V3.1.4 improvements and Feathers

Hey there,

With this new update, we have included Feathers into all SWCs builds including Starling. Feathers isn’t used by the engine itself (at this time so this addition won’t change final file size if you don’t use it), but it was requested by many guys to make advanced user interface for their game. With this new update, you’ve all the Adobe Gaming SDK in one framework especially designed for building awesome games! Using SWC file, you will compile your game in no time, and also we make sure those libraries are up to date, and compatible between them!

This update involves many improvements concerning camera, State management, Flash Pro as a level editor, UI and physics objects. Also we have started the draft for the V3.2.0 and as usual we will enjoy your feedback! Continue reading

V3.1.3 camera system and wiki, be ready for the game jam!

Hey folks!

We’re happy to provide you a new build one day before the Gobal Game Jam!

We’d time to improve the new camera system which is now very flexbile and have more cool features. Thanks you all for your feedback!

Some users ask us to create a wiki to get start more quickly with the engine. We’ll took advantage of this opportunity to create also a part explaining how the Citrus Engine works internally. For example what happen when you add an object to the state, how StarlingView and StarlingArt works ect. The wiki is already available there. Yup we stick with the Starling (excellent) community. Again feel free to tell us what you want to see there, if you have some better ideas for the structure ect. This wiki is made for you! Continue reading