Version 3 is here with a new website!

We’re happy to annouce the Citrus Engine version 3 release! You can get it through the new download section. Together with that we are launching a new website.

What’s new in version 3:

  • Moved from Box2D Alchemy to Box2D pure AS3 for better performance
  • Starling support
  • Nape physics engine supported with some pre-built platformer objects
  • Level Manager and an abstract game data class
  • Object Pooling and Entity/Component System
  • Away3D support
  • AwayPhysics support
  • New Level Editor handlers for: Tiled Map and Cadet 3D.
  • Lots of examples with assets
  • A new forum on Starling’s website
  • Other cool features and performance improvement

That’s a lot of new tools to play with. Away3D and AwayPhysics support will evolve deeply along with the V3. We’re hearing from the community on what we should focus on and what new features to support. Also we’re planning to add new areas into the engine like AI and multiplayer support.

The Citrus Engine is designed by and for the Adobe Flash community, and together we’re making the best open-source AS3 game engine for everyone! Feel free to give feedback and contibute.

3 thoughts on “Version 3 is here with a new website!

  1. Great work on the Citrus engine, I’m following it since some month – even if not tried to use it ๐Ÿ˜€ – and it’s GREAT to see how you’re improving it day by day, wonderful work!

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