Version 3.0.2 is available

Hey folks,

4 day after the V3.0.1 it’s already time to provide a new build thanks to the hard work made by the community! The entity/component system is up to date, allowing interaction between entity/component object and “normal” object. And we fixed a bug using Android.

    This is the changelog :

  • fixed a bug where the MovingPlatform speed parameters wasn’t applied.
  • fixed a critical bug using Android where the state could be instantiated before the context3D is created.
  • fixed a bug if a flash display object was added using StarlingState, there were a problem destroying the state due to the physics debug view.
  • the entity/component system works fine now with Box2D pure AS3 and enable interaction with “normal” object.
  • all Box2D objects implements the IBox2DPhysicsObject interface.
  • CollisionGetOther CollisionGetSelf Rotateb2Vec2 functions have moved into a new class : Box2DUtils
  • Box2DShapeMaker class moved into physics/box2d package

All the examples have been updated.
We haven’t forgot the tutorial you have asked. It has been a bit delayed due to this update. It’s very important for us to be sure that the engine is robust, so providing bug fixes is our priority.

Happy coding!

2 thoughts on “Version 3.0.2 is available

  1. Grrrrrrrreeeeaaaate!
    I was decided to leave Flash 1 years a go!
    CE was not cheap! and nor sattisfyng
    but Starling came… It Was Good!
    Nape Came.! Wow! good performance!
    but i Wished to have theme to gether!
    speciiialy starling & CE was my computeralized dream!
    Now i’ve decided to use this engine as my future engine.
    im not an expert. but i understand the beauty.
    tanks for this beutiful coded engine…
    Give me a hug ๐Ÿ˜€

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