V3.1.6 performances, performances

Hey, it’s time for a new update including Nape and Dragon Bones update, and added one variable which will greatly improve performances on mobile!


  • Updated on Nape 2.0.8
  • Updated on DragonBones 2.1.1
  • Mouse/Touch are disable on objects to save performances, use touchable new property to be able to interact with touch/mouse on the object.
  • Box2D contact provided by handleBeginContact, handleEndContact… uses the worldManifold instead of the local (made collision management easier, like it was with Box2D Alchemy).
  • An entity uses a Vector to store components instead of a Dictionary.
  • ObjectMakerStarling FromMovieClip’s function allow to use an AssetManager object!

On each object that you want to be able to interact using mouse/touch event, you will have to turn its touch property to true: var box:Crate = new Crate(“box”, {touchable:true})

2 thoughts on “V3.1.6 performances, performances

  1. Cool to see new performance optimizations as well as library updates. You’re doing a great job, thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

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