V3.1.3 camera system and wiki, be ready for the game jam!

Hey folks!

We’re happy to provide you a new build one day before the Gobal Game Jam!

We’d time to improve the new camera system which is now very flexbile and have more cool features. Thanks you all for your feedback!

Some users ask us to create a wiki to get start more quickly with the engine. We’ll took advantage of this opportunity to create also a part explaining how the Citrus Engine works internally. For example what happen when you add an object to the state, how StarlingView and StarlingArt works ect. The wiki is already available there. Yup we stick with the Starling (excellent) community. Again feel free to tell us what you want to see there, if you have some better ideas for the structure ect. This wiki is made for you!


  • new Camera system ready! you don’t call anymore view.setupCamera function, now it is view.camera.setUp
  • input uses its own update loop using Event.FRAME_CONSTRUCTED.
  • fixed tiled map parser’s problem where the layer index might be wrong.
  • fixed a bug in Keyboard’s input where some actions weren’t performed.
  • fixed Starling VirtualButtons and VirtualJoystick ‘s destroy method.
  • fixed a problem with parallax when zooming.
  • fixed a bug where Nape Missile’s angle wasn’t in radian.
  • Nape’s Hero no longer has a static friction.
  • fixed Nape’s Hero was able if the collisionAngle was really close to 0.
  • moved SpriteDebugArt and StarlingSpriteDebugArt into their respective package.
  • SpriteArt/StarlingArt/Away3DArt content property becomes private with a getter. It should only be set internally.

Camera demo
We’ve made a new demo using this new camera stuff! Demo. Mouse wheel to zoom, x to rotate the view and r to randomize cloud positions. Source code.

Have a fun game jam!

6 thoughts on “V3.1.3 camera system and wiki, be ready for the game jam!

  1. Can we ask when the game jam “game” with results will be published. ie: Did you win. Were the graphics a little better than usual. Did the citrus engine blow away the competition. We have seen other blogs on game jams with the whole tutorial etc… It would be nice to see how you guys got on. Great to see the engine doing so well and featured in so many prominent places now.

  2. Hi, What did you use for the terrain in the game? It appears to be ‘natural’ none-tile based terrain.
    Did you just use a bitmap and NAPE’s built in Marching Squares algorithm? Thanks

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