V3.1.11 libraries update and future!

Wow long time since the previous update guys, right? Probably too long… Anyway here is a new one with mostly libraries update and small bug fixes. We also changed our way to make the SWCs (ie: removing dependencies for the build process) so it will be easier for us to provide you with the latest engine updates in the future, and you can also use the ant-task to make your own custom build!

I think it’s time to make a statement for the Citrus Engine V3:

– we keep using it monthly so everything is really stable, but no major updates so far. For a long time we haven’t had new projects asking for new features or most of the time they are too specific to include it in the core or to open-source them (but we do share whatever we feel is appropriate and what we legally can!).
– the Citrus Engine popularity comes from its platformer kit. However it has a downside: many people still think that we can only make platformer games with the Citrus Engine, and recent feedback has confirmed that unfortunately. It was just an example on how implementing objects!
– we’re mostly proud of the whole engine architecture, but we’re not keen on the way SpriteArt/StarlingArt classes work. Their extandability is null, without having to actually patch them completely… So its not official so not “supported”.
– There are plenty of things that can be improved, and we know how, its just a bigger endeavor than just a bug fix, on top of that this means structural change that will translate into API change, and we didn’t want to keep you waiting more for that, hence this minor update soon, and a major update later.

This last year we’ve worked on many HTML5 games and are still working on a big Unity game (and of course Air/Flash games). Here is our experience with HTML5 games:
Pixi.js is definitely the rendering library to use, but it’s not a game engine (comparable to starling in that regard).
Flambe is really a cool game engine, but it’s non display list approach on graphics make it hard to use with complex UI stuff when you come from a display list workflow background.
Phaser is the result of a very long hard work and we’re impressed by the amount of work done. But unfortunately, for several reason it didn’t fit our needs and probably won’t until v3.

Since HTML5 is a pretty work so HTML5 games are a trend, we all have job opportunities in HTML5 obviously…. but for this we need a game engine. This is the perfect opportunity to try out a new structure for the Citrus Engine (for a HTML5 target) and transfer back to the Flash version what worked later in terms of structure (probably for a V4) if we’re happy with it!

We won’t start from scratch for the Citrus JS… and at this time I can already tell you that it won’t use JS directly but Haxe! You get it, we will use Pixi.js for the rendering and a bunch of awesome libs for other parts. That’s the spirit of the Citrus Engine: an engine linking awesome libraries and making them work together right out of the box!

We’ve no release date at the moment, since we’re still experimenting different stuff. But we’ll keep you updated on the progress and you’ll be the first to know when we will have something pretty solid ๐Ÿ˜‰

A word from Thomas:

Hi guys. So you’ve heard. Don’t start thinking that Citrus Engine is dead though. It’s not and we actively still push for Air when we have the decision on commercial projects and that project is 2D / ui heavy. We’ve talked about the structural changes we’d like to try for that js version, but for the flash version, at least for a 3.2 version or maybe earlier, there are clear things we CAN do to make the engine better. I put my attention on state transitions recently and that made me work out what we could start with. that involved state management (something I liked about Phaser that we didn’t have) and changes that these things imply will solve the issues many of us have faced when managing a paused game, a pause screen and so on. The solution is already quite stable, it just involved too much of a change for 3.1.11 though.

12 thoughts on “V3.1.11 libraries update and future!

  1. Hi
    it is good to know that there’s an update coming for CE.

    CE for a platform game is very nice and easy to use
    just a little bit more additions to the platformer kit
    like Rope , Enemy AI etc etc and some optimizations wil make it more effective and more fun

    it will be even more fun if CE can have its own powerful Level Editor.


    • Hey, in fact we won’t focus (at the moment) on the platofrmer kit, because as I said, it was primarily made for showing how to make your own game!

      We’ve a big plan for the Level Editor, but it’s too soon to give more informations on that ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hi dipu2111,
      You’ll understand that the platformer kit is something that means more maintenance than the engine itself, and I personally would rather have a feature request for the engine and work on that, rather than a feature request for an example object – because working on that example, means less time for the engine… And we know that the current Rope object looks more like a hack than a good solution (no offense to the original contributor, it’s the best that could be done with CE at the time). To make a better rope, or anything complex, we need for the engine to evolve differently. We don’t need to start creating complex example objects from what we have now . Of course users would be happy to have more examples objects. But we really think its time to focus on the engine. Not only that this could attract more people to CE and so potential contributors to the code, but that will also mean a better , more versatile engine – which is what CE is supposed to be in the first place.

  2. Thanks Aymeric and Thomas for the reply

    I do understand that engine itself needs more time thn example objects.
    Just stated the ‘platformer kit’ part bcoz i think maybe CE is more used for platform games and more example and objects added means more advanced level platformers ๐Ÿ™‚

    Btw its gud to know that u guys have a big plan for level editors

  3. Hai Citrus engine staff

    I am intersting using your engine. As are open sources and free. But i having trouble to use this engine, bcause i dont understand any coding in AS3 or actionscript language. I have download FlashDevelop version 5.0.1 (the new update) and of course citrus engine. But my question how i use citrus engine on flashdevelop, i dont find any tutorial about install this citrus engine in this website. Also lack document of installing process in each IDE that recent available. So can expert or staff citrus engine help me to install citrus engine in flashdevelop (5.0.1 version)? waiting your respon. Thank You

  4. You guys should really go to MAX this year and do a lab. I sat in one a couple years back and loved the engine.

      • Don’t count on it. I first learned about Citrus Engine at a MAX session a few years ago, but these days Adobe PR basically refuses to admit that AIR is even a thing.

        This year, there are a few Flash Pro sessions, but they’re all “Wait, don’t go! We have HTML5 and WebGL!! Honest!!”

        It’s sad, because the Flash/AIR Runtime team is releasing updated SDKs pretty regularly.

  5. that is really good news, I was waiting for the decision to take CitrusEngine to Haxe, are you going to use OpenFL? another question, you call the one Citrus JS, does that mean it only publish to HTML5? or does it also publish natively to android, iOS, and desktop like other Haxe applications?

    • The first version will use PixiJS, you could package it for iOS & Android via CocoonJS. This first version will enable us to determine the architecture for this new version. Then we’re thinking to an other framework like OpenFL. But between OpenFL, Kha, Heaps, Luxe… we will have to chose one later ๐Ÿ˜‰

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