V3.1.1 Stage3D Interoperation

Hey folks,

We would like to thank you for the very nice feedbacks on the previous build, it seems that you loved the Braid demo!

It’s already time to provide a new build with some fixes and improvements. We have unify the way that Away3D is added, now it uses a template like Starling with a cool setUpAway3D function which also allows Stage3D Interoperation. It means that you can easily create your Citrus Engine game with Away3D and use Starling for a 2D interface, in-game menu, ect.


  • created starling and away3d package in citrus.core for StarlingCitrusEngine, StarlingState, Away3DCitrusEngine and Away3DState classes.
  • removed stage argument in setUpStarling function, override the handleAddedToStage method to call setUpStarling function instead.
  • added Nape parser for polygon/polyline.
  • AVirtualJoystick : action value scaling.
  • TimeShifter now listens to and routes input to his defaultChannel which remains channel 16 when instanciated.
  • fixed a bug where Starling couldn’t dispose.
  • fixed a bug on TimeShifter using params.
  • fixed camera offset for BlittingView.

Thanks to this update it is really easy to use Away3D with Starling, it requires only few lines of code. Check the code example!
Also thanks to the new Away3DCitrusEngine we have improved how we set up Away3D. Previously, it was created inside the Away3DView class which means that Away3D was created and removed each time a new state was set up. Now it’s more logical and performance friendly.

Happy coding!

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  1. This is exactly what I was looking for! However, it took me a while to find it. If I may suggest, this would be a valuable addition to the tutorials page.

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