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Mission Eau (web, iOS & Android)

Chickdoom (iOS)

FRNZY (iOS & Android)

Penguin Up! (iOS & Android)

Silly Family (iOS & Android, Mac)

Paint Over

Revenge of robots (iOS)

Tap The Pixel (iOS)

Once Upon a Light (iOS & Android)


Snailboy (iOS)

Monsieur Bear’s ABC (iOS & Android)

Underwater Adventures (iOS & Android)

Roundhouse (iOS & Android)

Red n Green 2

Sophie la Girafe (iOS)

Beekyr (Android)

Alef (iPad)

Jim loves Mary

Chorizos de Espana (Android)

Shotgun vs Zombies

Gérard (Android)

Santa Rush (Android)


Stack of Defence

Music Game (under development)

Les aventures d’Aïcha – l’odyssée des 4 mondes (Facebook)

Escape from the Nerd Factory


MarcoPolo WeltRennen

Orok Kolyok (Facebook)