V3.1.0 new input system, Nape 2, multiplayer friendly, meet Braid.

Hi guys,

Two weeks without Citrus Engine updates? What happened? No worries, we have worked hard to make this new update available adding tons of improvements, update and new features! A quick cool one : thanks to AIR3.6 and the LevelManager update you’re now able to load SWF levels made with Flash Pro on iOS!

In this update we have made one breaking change : no more “com” and “engine” package, just “citrus” now. This one has been made to remove problems with code hinting in some IDE : you had to resize the code hinting window to actually see if you were in a box2d package, or a nape package, etc. We apologize for compatibility issues with games made with the previous version (it takes some time to rename package in level editors…), that’s why we started to save old SWC releases on the GitHub.

We’re pleased to announce a new input system available! Thanks to this one you can easily change your key configuration, handle VirtualJoystick and VirtualButton for quickly making awesome mobile games. We’ve added a channel system which means that henceforth the Citrus Engine is multiplayer friendly! Also with this new input system comes a TimeShifter for time manipulation, like in Braid game. Yup, we’ve made a Braid demo with the engine (3 Mo to load, shift key for time management), also available on Android devices through an apk (working fine on Nexus 7). That’s one of the features of the TimeShifter, it allows to replay input actions too.

And finally, we’ve updated on Nape 2 (and Starling RC 1.3 without compatibility issue). We’ve worked hard on the Nape platformer pre-built objects, now you have the same feeling with box2d ones concerning : world/space gravity, NapePhysicsObject, Enemy & Hero behaviors. So everything is ready to start this new Ludum Dare! Continue reading