Cannon A cannon is an object which fires missiles.
 Coin Coin is basically a sensor that destroys itself when a particular class type touches it (often a Hero).
 Crate An object made for Continuous Collision Detection.
 Enemy This is a common example of a side-scrolling bad guy.
 Hero This is a common, simple, yet solid implementation of a side-scrolling Hero.
 Hills This class creates perpetual hills like the games Tiny Wings, Ski Safari...
 Missile A missile is an object that moves at a particular trajectory and speed, and explodes when it comes into contact with something.
 MovingPlatform A platform that moves between two points.
 Platform A Platform is a rectangular object that is meant to be stood on.
 RevolvingPlatform A platform that rotates around a specified point
 Reward The Reward class is meant to pop out of a RewardBox when the player bumps it.
 RewardBox The RewardBox is a special type of platform that you can "bump" to make a reward come out.
 Sensor Sensors simply listen for when an object begins and ends contact with them.
 Teleporter A Teleporter, moves an object to a destination.
 Treadmill A Treadmill is a MovingPlatform with some new options.